General Information


The Employees' Union of Papageorgiou Hospital was founded in 1999 by the employees of the hospital, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code and the laws specific to unions. It is a legal entity, has its headquarters in the Municipality of Pavlou Mela in Thessaloniki and operates in accordance with the provisions of its statutes. The first Board of Directors of the Association emerged from the elections of 16/11/2000 and its first meeting was held on 22/11/2000.

The Union is currently a member of the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers (P.O.E.E.D.N) and of ADEDY, in its local branch (E.D.O.TH.).
The Union is composed of all employees (nurses, workers, technicians, craftsmen, administrative employees, doctors, etc.) who are connected with any kind of dependent employment contract with the Papageorgiou General Hospital and accept its statute.

Its aims:

  1. The united and collective action of its members to safeguard and promote their economic, labour, insurance and social interests.
  2. To take care of improving the civil service legislation for better working conditions, living conditions for employees.
  3. The protection and expansion of the achievements of its members.
  4. The information of its members on labour and social issues, the struggle for the defence of their interests and solidarity among all its members.
  5. The fair distribution of material and moral rewards provided by the administration and the state.
  6. Contributing to the expansion and upgrading of the institution of Health. Improving the organization and operation of hospital services.
  7. The cultural, sporting culture and entertainment of the members.
  8. The effective and genuine representation of the Association in the collective bodies of administration, planning, control of social policy of the Hospital and wherever the representation of the Association is possible or will be achieved.