Papageorgiou Hospital

A hospital next to the patient

Our vision

The operation of a modern hospital, comparable to the best hospitals abroad, which offers high quality health services to our fellow human beings.

Our values

Love and respect for people, integrity, quality, innovation.

Our goal

PAPAGEORGIOU Hospital to be the most modern hospital in Greece, maintaining its superiority in the Greek health sector, in its twenty years of presence, continuing to meet the expectations of patients and employees in the best possible way.

Our mission

We constantly strive for the best with dedication to our fellow human beings.


Nikolaos Papageorgiou

National Benefactor and Donor of Papageorgiou Hospital (1930-2022)

First Chairman of the Board, from 1997 to 2009
Our vision has been the operation of a modern hospital, worthy of those abroad, which offers high quality health services, with respect and love for those in need. I believe that we have succeded.


Michael Karaviotis

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Papageorgiou Hospital

On behalf of the Management and employees, I welcome you to the Papageorgiou Hospital website, a high quality website with services "open" to all citizens, as we strive to make our hospital as well.

The Papageorgiou Hospital in numbers





Outpatient Clinics - Emergency





Internet Services

APPOINTMENT SERVICE. Make your own appointment at the Outpatient Clinics
APPLICATION SERVICE. Submit your request for hospital documents (e.g. for a Certificate of Hospitalisation) to the Citizen Service Office.
24-hour Internet service.

Useful Phone Numbers

Appointment for Out. Clinics: 14741
Tel. Centre of Papageorgiou General Hospital: 2313323000
Hospitals on Duty: 14944

Tel: 14741
Opening hours: 08:00-20:00
Days of operation: Monday-Friday
Charge 1.029 euro from a landline, 1.66 euro from a mobile phone (for a 5-minute call duration)

Online Payment

The service is provided through Piraeus Bank's Winbank platform.

If you are a Piraeus Bank customer, pay for your evening doctor's appointment at Outpatient Clinics using the Winbank platform (Payments - Service Provision - Other Service Provision - Papageorgiou General Hospital)''


Annual Report

Annual Periodical Publication of PAPAGEORGIOU G.N.

Anniversary edition

Anniversary publication for the 20 years of PAPAGEORGIOU General Hospital

Χρέος Ζωής T60

Quarterly Periodical Publication of PAPAGEORGIOU General Hospital

Citizen's Guide

Information for patients and accompanying persons

Surgery Waiting List

NHS hospitals are required to post on their website a Surgical List, i.e. a list showing the order of priority of surgical procedures to be performed.

Απογευματινά Χειρουργεία

Στο Νοσοκομείο, από τη Δευτέρα 11-3-2024, πραγματοποιούνται απογευματινά χειρουργεία - επεμβατικές πράξεις.  Η λειτουργία αυτή διέπεται από τις διατάξεις της υπ΄ αριθ. Γ2α/1066/2024 Kοινής Υπουργικής Απόφασης (ΦΕΚ 1485/τ.Β./05.03.2024)

Memory Clinic

Visit the website of the new Memory & Mental Functions Clinic to make an appointment, take an online Memory test or attend the online psychoeducational courses.

Breast milk bank

Visit the website of Breast Milk Bank of PAPAGEORGIOU Hospital to find out how you can become a donor and make your appointment online.

Papageorgiou Hospital Research Center

The Research Centre offers patients access to innovative medical interventions while improving patients' health through ethical and qualitative research in accordance with the rules of good clinical practice (ICH-Good Clinical Practice).


"Antirida" means support. The "Association of Friends of Papageorgiou Hospital, Antirida"  is a voluntary association, which started its activities in early 2011.

Short Video about PAPAGEORGIOU G.H.

Indoor navigation

The indoor wayfinding web application allows patients and their companions to navigate the hospital's interiors by suggesting the best routes to get from one area to another.

Select your starting point and declare your destination and let the app guide you graphically by displaying the fastest and safest route.

Use the search box on the left-hand side of the app to view all the available points of interest, or click on the search box to select from them sorted by category.

For an optimal experience use the app in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Opera browser


POLITIS - Submit your applications to Citizens' Service Office

The application POLITIS allows patients and their companions to easily submit requests to the Citizen Service Desk of Papageorgiou General Hospital, asking for a document related to their hospitalisation or their visit to the hospital's Emergency Department.
It is interconnected with, so that users can submit, together with their application, an electronic solemn declaration (if the request concerns themselves) or an authorisation (if they are applying on behalf of a third party).

GOLIVE - Emergency Department Waiting Times

The GoLive application informs patients in real time about the waiting times, of the Emergency Department of Papageorgiou Hospital in Thessaloniki.
The users can have a real sense of the waiting times of the Emergency Department practically from anywhere on the days when PAPAGEORGIOU General Hospital is on duty.
Similar information can be obtained from the online platform at

* The waiting times per specialty of the emergency department of Papageorgiou Hospital are listed purely for information purposes. In case of a life-threatening incident, please call the ambulance (166) immediately or go to the nearest hospital on duty.