Information for patients

Rules of operation of the Pediatric Clinic

  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire hospital. Therefore, the smoking ban also applies to the Pediatric Clinic.
  • Keep mobile phones, sharp objects, coins, medicines away from children.
  • Do not leave infants and young children unattended. Inform the supervising nurse if you have to be absent.
  • You are not allowed to bring any auxiliary furniture or a TV.
  • Keep only a small amount of money and do not bring valuables.
  • Patient feeding and medication are provided exclusively by the Hospital.
  • The companions are not included in the hospital's meals. Please note that in addition to the canteen on the ground floor, there is a restaurant in the basement of the hospital.
  • Please leave the doctors and nurses undistracted during their working hours. They do very responsible work.
  • Information to patient's companions is held after 13:00 pm
  • Please contact the staff and avoid any potential disputes.