Information for patients

Admission - Discharge


They can be done on a daily basis except the days that the hospital is on duty and weekends. The patient is admitted after a medical opinion of a hospital doctor, following a visit in the Outpatient Clinics of the Hospital.

Admission is done by the Secretariat of the respective clinic or by the Patient Office.

Patients covered by Social Security

The patient should bring with him/her his/her identity card, his/her AMKA (Social Security Number) and his/her insurance card. In this case, the hospitalisation is fully covered by the patient's insurance fund.

EU citizens seeking treatment that is not usually available in their own country should first contact their local social security in the Member State they come from to apply for an E112/S2 form. This form will allow them to access our hospital's health services free of charge for their course of treatment.

Patients not covered by a Social Security

In the case of a patient who is not covered by social security, he/she has to follow the steps mentioned below:

Α. In the case of Greek citizen, he must present his identity card and his AMKA (Social Security Number) together with the medical certificate of the referring doctor.

Β. In the case of a citizen of a third country outside the EU., who resides legally and permanently in Greece, he/she must present his/her passport and his/her valid residence permit, together with the medical certificate of the referring doctor.

Γ. In the case of EU citizen., who resides permanently in Greece, in addition to the medical certificate of the referring doctor, he/she must have his/her passport, his/her AMKA and prove his/her permanent residence in Greece.

D. In the case of refugee, he/she must present the Asylum Applicant's Card, passport (if available) and AMKA (if available).

A waiting list for surgery is published in the surgical clinics (see related information on this website)


They are carried out only on the days when the hospital is on general duty. A patient coming to the Emergency Department is examined by a doctor, who decides on the emergency admission of the patient. The admission is carried out by the Emergency Department's administrative staff.

Patients from EU countries present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Discharges are performed by the clinic's administrative staff during working days from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.