General Information



First Edition December 2003

The magazine "Debt of Life" was created to fill a gap and a necessity. The existence of a "window" that will allow the community to see inside the hospital, the daily operations of all its staff and workforce. To follow the struggle, the anxieties, the achievements and the concerns of our people, not only in medical and scientific matters, but also in matters of their simple human activity. This, moreover, is the central idea on which our journal is structured. A journal in whose subject matter man prevails.

Throughout its ten years of existence, its success is largely due to all the employees of all levels, who are the soul of the magazine. Of course, it could not have lasted for so many years, nor could it have even been launched, if it had not been for the fervent support of all the hospital's administrations to date and, of course, those who had the idea of the publication, the donor and first president, now honorary president of the hospital, Nikos Papageorgiou, and the president of the Papageorgiou Foundation for twenty years, member of the Board of Directors.Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hospital since the beginning of its operation and currently its President, Vassilios Papas.

The "Debt of Life", considering that it has added a stone to the overall effort to make the Papageorgiou Hospital famous in the consciousness not only of those who have accepted its services, but also of many others, inside and outside Greece, in whose hands every issue is continuously in, is committed to continue on the same path without deviations and compromises, realizing the wish that Nikos Papageorgiou made on its first page: "That our magazine be and remain informative and combative, as many years as the Papageorgiou Hospital will remain standing and combative".

We are confident that this initiative will be embraced by all those who support our hospital.

We wish you a pleasant browse through the electronic pages of the magazine.