General Information


The Total Capacity is: 750 beds ( 69 intensive, 25 resuscitation) with a view to 800 beds.
The Structured Surface is:75.000 m2.
The Building Land Area: 150.000μ2.
The Chamber Capacity: 1-2-4 beds.

Special features:

  • Bioclimatic Architecture
  • Exploitation of natural lighting
  • Structured Voice and Data network
  • 4,000-point building management system (BMS)
  • Heliport
  • Infrastructure to allow patients to choose their own food menu and maintain high hygiene standards (Cook & Chill system)
  • Integrated Information System (E.R.P.)
  • Digital processing and management of diagnostic images (PACS)
  • Hydraulic and electronic mail
  • Modern telemedicine and teleconferencing system
  • Closed circuit TV in the operating theatres with picture and sound available in the Meeting Rooms and the auditorium
  • Two CT scanners, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging system, three (3) g' cameras with a total of 5 heads, all of cut-off technology
  • Two-level coronograph
  • Angiographer-C
  • Two (2) Mammographs - Bone Density Measurement
  • Two (2) linear photon and electron accelerators and HDR for radiotherapeutic tumour treatment
  • Complex for washing and disinfection of beds and patient mattresses