General Information


The Papageorgiou General Hospital of Thessaloniki, is Legal Entity under private law, a non-profit organization that offers prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services.

It is a high standards hospital as regards to technology and functionality, a modern building project on the northwest side of Thessaloniki, in the area of N. Evkarpia of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, in contact with the regional highway and 7km away from the city center, with a built area of 75,000sqm on a land area of 150 acres.


The Papageorgiou Hospital in the consciousness of all Northern Greeks and especially the people of Thessaloniki

is a real jewel in the crown of public health.


This is the result of all the administrations and employees of the hospital, but mainly a realization of the vision, of the national benefactors, brothers Nikos and Leonidas Papageorgiou, on the basis of which it was designed, built, equipped, staffed and operated.

With its opening in August 1999, the hosting of University Clinics in 2004, completed in the best way the staffing of the Hospital, which is now in constant cooperation with the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

After more than two decades of operation and according to an evaluation by an international committee on behalf of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Papageorgiou Hospital is considered one of the best hospital institutions in Europe in terms of both completeness and quality of services provided to the suffering fellow human being.

The notable difference is that all employees offer their services to all patients without exception with a smile, kindness and love, which is the cornerstone of the philosophy of its operation, as cultivated for many years by the first president of the Hospital, one of the donor brothers Nikos Papageorgiou.

This human-centred philosophy governs the behaviour of all employees. The vision for health care now extends to preventive medicine, timely and accurate diagnosis, innovative services and serve of the community, the introduction of innovative medical practices, the continuous improvement and modernization of medical equipment such as the latest supply of the State-of-the-art MRI scanner, which ranks it among the top twenty hospitals worldwide. 

Today, Papageorgiou has clinics and departments covering the whole range of hospital care spectrum and performs significant educational work by providing specialization to doctors, continuous education, research and training of doctors and nurses and developing special educational and research programs.

  • The number of employees is approximately 1900, and the number of hospital beds is 800.
  • The daily attendance at the Outpatient Clinics exceeds 1000 people.
  • The number of cases handled in the Emergency Department averages over 900 and if students in training, companions and visitors are taken into account, the daily turnover in the hospital premises is over 7000 people.
  • The number of surgeries has risen to 19,978 per year.

Snlisted in the joint effort for the dynamic and successful Course of the hospital, management and employees every year set the bar higher and higher for its goals and despite the unfavourable economic conditions of recent years, all goals are fully achieved, with the ultimate goal of providing quality health care to the citizens who prefer and trust it. 

Dates Milestones

May 1991

Signing of the Contract between the Hellenic State and the Papageorgiou Foundation for the construction of the Hospital

July 1993

Start of hospital construction procedures

January 1997

Hospital handover

August 1999

Opening of the first departments and clinics.

January 2000

Hospital is included in the Duty Schedule of the Greek Ministry of Health