General Information

Papageorgiou Research and Experimental Centre of Papageorgiou Hospital

The research-experimental centre of the General Hospital of Thessaloniki "Papageorgiou" is certified as an approved facility for "breeding, supply and use of animal models" according to the new national legislation in force (PD 56/2013 in adaptation of Greek legislation to the European Directive 2010/63/EU).

Its unique building design and its excellent scientific and logistical infrastructure make it a model structure, capable of supporting a variety of educational and experimental procedures of the hospital's clinics and units, as well as external members and departments of the scientific community.

The main capabilities of the research-experimental centre are the following:

  1. Breeding and housing of small and large animal models (conventional and/or genetically modified).
  2. Performing experimental surgery.
  3. Post-operative care and hospitalisation of animal models.
  4. Creating animal models that simulate human diseases.
  5. Providing scientific and technical support for the design and implementation of research protocols.
  6. Training of medical residents and continuous education of medical specialists and other scientists using animal models.
  7. Training of researchers in the proper management and welfare of animal models.

The animal models unit and the experimental surgery of the centre meet all the requirements of the legislation on the "protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes" (PD 56/2013 in harmonisation of Greek legislation with the European Directive 2010/63/EU) and a full veterinary monitoring programme of the animals (preventive and clinical veterinary medicine) and a periodic programme of monitoring their health level is applied.

The infrastructure of the unit is fully harmonized to the standards set by European and National legislation as well as the guidelines of international organizations such as the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) and the International Council of Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS).

The staff of the research-experimental centre consists of:

  1. Bekiari Chrysanthi, PhD candidate in Anatomy & Histology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Veterinarian in charge)
  2. Tegos Ioannis (Zookeeper)

By decision of the Board of Directors of the hospital and with the validation of the competent authorities of the Region of Central Macedonia, the Animal Welfare Monitoring and Advisory Committee and the Protocol Evaluation Committee (PAC) were established and are assembled at the hospital's premises. The existence of these two committees greatly facilitates the work of the researchers, since their main role is to provide scientific advice during the formulation of the research protocols, while the RAC also has the decisive advisory role for the approval of each protocol.



Research and Experimental Centre of the General Hospital "Papageorgiou",

Western Regional Road of Thessaloniki, N. Evkaria, P.O. Box 56403,

Telephone: 2313 323301 - 02,