General Information


 The "PAPAGEORGIOU" model nursery is a project harmonized with the strict institutional framework and European safety standards that define the requirements and technical specifications of nurseries.

The airy building, built in the south, within the Hospital's plot, with a total area of 400 sq.m., adapted to the terrain and positioned for better service near the central parking area, has a large area of landscaped open space, partly shaded, while two courtyards on two (2) levels with various games, complete the school's well-kept image.

The foundation of the building was laid by the Minister of Health and Social Solidarity Nikitas Kaklamanis, on September 10, 2004, and under the supervision of the architect-engineer then president of the Foundation and former president of Papageorgiou Hospital, Vassilis Papas, the completion of the Children's Centre was completed exactly one year later.

The construction and equipment costs of the Nursery are entirely covered by the Papageorgiou Foundation, as the project is the realization of a promise made by the brothers Nikos and Leonidas Papageorgiou to the working parents of the Hospital, offering the care and supervision of their children during their work.

 Contact telephone number of the nursery: 231332.3900