Message from the Chairman of the Board.



Welcome to PAPAGEORGIOU Hospital, a modern hospital that has achieved a special place in the health sector in its 21 years of operation.

The PAPAGEORGIOU Hospital is a non-profit legal entity governed by private law, fully integrated into the National Health System of Greece and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Its course is guided by the unique vision of its benefactors, the brothers Nikolaos and Leonidas Papageorgiou, for a hospital that will provide high quality health services to all citizens of Northern Greece. The vision has been realized and continues to "guide" the management and employees on a daily basis.

Our concern, even in these difficult times, is to consistently implement a strategy for the development and upgrading of the Hospital, which is inextricably linked to our values: love and respect for people, integrity, quality, safety and innovation.

Even during the period of the unprecedented health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when the health system was stretched to its limits, our hospital remained strong in the face of challenges and built new resilience. With the support and assistance of the new Board of Directors, and our commitment to providing optimal health services to its patients, it proceeded to build new infrastructure to cope with the unprecedented situations.

With absolute dedication to the value of public health and with the unremitting effort of all levels and specialties of our employees and cutting-edge technologies, he gave -and continue to give- a great daily struggle, committed to our goal: To meet the expectations of patients and employees in the best possible way, constantly striving for the best.

Undoubtedly important is the support of the PAPAGEORGIOU FOUNDATION, which, with its long-standing support to the Administration, proves in practice that it was not only established for the construction of the Hospital, but it also constantly ensures that the Hospital remains in a top position in the mind of the citizens.

On behalf of the management and employees, I welcome you to the website of PAPAGEORGIOU Hospital, the first hospital to integrate accessibility technologies, giving the right to people with special abilities, users with visual impairments, epilepsy, dyslexia and autism, to navigate easily and safely. A high quality website with services "open" to all citizens, as we also hope to be the hospital itself.

Michael Karaviotis

Chairman of the Board.