Information for patients

Every patient has the right of access his or her medical record and may receive, upon request, the following COPY OF THE FILE, TEST RESULTS, HOSPITALISATION DOCUMENTS - EXPENSE RECEIPTS, MEDICAL REPORTS, SURGICAL RECORDS, CERTIFICATES FROM THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.

  • The APPLICATION is filed in CITIZEN'S SERVICE OFFICE (located in the main lobby of the hospital) by the patient himself. Instead, an application can be submitted by his/her legal representative (no. 128 of the Civil Code, i.e. the parent or the lawful representative or the temporary judicial counsel) or the duly authorised person (e.g. patient's attorney).

The above mentioned persons should carry their police identity card or a valid passport along with any other necessary legal documents, e.g. Authorization, which should be certified by a Public Authority (Police or KEP etc.) and should explicitly state the issuance reason. Authorization can also be drawn up at the Citizen Service Office of our Hospital.

  • A third party is not allowed access to a patient's medical records, unless he or she invokes the purpose for which he or she is requesting the data. Our Hospital should forward the relevant request to the Personal Data Protection Authority and ask for authorisation (Article 7 of Law 2472/1997) after informing the patient.
  • In case of death of a patient, this right is exercised by his/her heirs, if they are relatives up to the fourth degree (first cousin). They shall submit, together with their identity card, a certificate of closest relatives from the municipality and a certificate of non-publication of the will from the district court.

For more details you can contact Citizen Service Office (tel. 231332 3130)  or at the Medical Records Department (tel. 231332 3318).

Online Document Request Form

The application can also be submitted electronically on the Hospital's website

The receipt of documents is carried out by the the Citizen Service Office by the patient or the person authorised by the patient.

If the patient requests that the documents should be sent to him/her by post, he/she is obliged to send the documents to the Citizen Service Office followd by a certificate of identity issued by KEP or Prolice Station.

Through the KEP

Alternatively, an application can also be submitted via the KEP.

The above documents may in any case also be sent by courier at the patient's expense provided that the patient has indicated this explicitly in his/her application. The documents will be delivered by the private postal company to the patient himself or to the person authorised by the patient. 

Our Hospital manages the content of patients' medical records on the basis of the Legislation for the Protection of Personal Data (Law 2472/1997), the instructions of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the Code of Medical Ethics (Law 3418/2005).