General Information

Association of Friends of Papageorgiou Hospital, The Antirida

Ο "Association of Friends of Papageorgiou Hospital, The Antirida" is a voluntary association, which started its activity in early 2011.

"Antirida" means "support" and that is our primary purpose. We aware people to the promotion of volunteerism and, through volunteer actions, we support in every possible way the needs of Papageorgiou Hospital, both patients, as well as the employees of the Hospital.

We cooperate with other agencies in the local community so that we have productive relationships and actions that are useful for the wider community. We support and organize educational and cultural events of all kinds, both in the hospital and in our city.
We believe that efforts to improve our daily lives through volunteering are more necessary than ever in our time. We seek to join forces with the local community to share the joy of giving and participation.

The office of the Association has a secretary and volunteers who provide information to anyone interested.
The office is open Monday - Friday and 08:00 to 16:00.

The telephone number to contact the Association is 2313323869.

To learn more about the activities of "Antirida", to become a volunteer or sponsor, visit the following website