Association of Friends of Papageorgiou Hospital, "Antirida"

Friends of Hospital Papageorgiou, "Η Αντηρίδα"

The "Association of Friends of Papageorgiou Hospital, Antirida" is a voluntary Association, which commenced its activities in the beginning of 2011.

Its name, "Antirida", means support, as this is our main goal. We raise awareness for the promotion of volunteering and through voluntary activities we support in every way possible, the operations and needs of the Papageorgiou Hospital, the patients who come to it and their families, and the employees of the Hospital.

One of our aims is to expand the scope of our activities inside the Hospital. We cooperate with other bodies within the local community so that we can form productive relations and take actions that would benefit the society in general. We support and organize educational activities and cultural events both in the Hospital and in our city.
We believe that efforts made in order to improve our everyday life through volunteering are now more important than ever and we endeavor to unite our powers with the powers of the local community in order to share with them the joy of offering and participation.

The office of the Association is staffed by a secretary and volunteers, who can give information to the public.
The office is open Mondays - Fridays and from 10:00 to 15:00 and Saturdays 10:00 to 12:00 am. The contact number of the Union is 2313323869.

For more information on the activities of "Antirida", if you wish to volunteer or to sponsor our ventures please visit the website


T: 2313 323000