The history of the Neurological Clinic begins a little while after the time “Papageorgiou” Hospital started its operation. The first special neurosurgeons were hired in 2000, as advisers , for the support of the surgical Clinics and the Emergency Department. The two doctors were the current Coordinator Director of the Clinic Dr. Kalliopi Tsoleka (as Senior Registrar) and Mr Georgios Drositis (as Registrar).

The Neurosurgical Clinic started operating officially on 02.09.2002 and hired as Director was Mr Dr. med. Ilias Kampelis, ex Director of the neurosurgical clinic of the Kavala Hospital and ex lecturer of the University of Bonn. Subsequently and during the next years the special doctors medical staff was completed. The Director of the clinic Mr Dr. med. Ilias Kampelis had been a member, vice president and president of the scientific council since 2002, while during the period 2006-2009 he served at the same time and with no remuneration as an adviser of the Minister of Macedonia-Thrace on health issues. Mr Kampelis left the hospital and keeps a private medical practice since 01.11.2012.

Head of the department of the nursing staff of the clinic has been since the beginning Mr Dallas Alexandros, using his best efforts together with his colleagues for the beginning, the setting up and the proper function of the clinic. During the period February 2009 - February 2011 head of the department of the Neurosurgical Clinic was Ms Vasiliki Giortsiou



The clinic is staffed by 6 special neurosurgeons that cover the most wide range of surgeries of the modern Neurosurgical Specialization. The Coordinator Director is Dr. Kalliopi Tsoleka after the decision of the BOD of the Hospital. The medical staff includes also a Director of the Neurosurgical Clinic and four Senior Registrars.

The Neurosurgical Clinic of the “Papageorgiou” General Hospital has been certified for the granting of time of Medical Specialization in Neurosurgery (decision no.Y7a/General Reference/from our service/135706/14-12-05, was published in issue 1872 GG/30-12-05). In the meantime 3 trainee Neurosurgeons train and work for one (1) year, while actions are being taken for the certification of granting Full Neurosurgical Specialization.





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