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The hospital operates in the same way as all Public hospitals do, under the legislation on Public Health, where the obligation to serve all citizens is established.  The legislation defines the rights of insured citizens and the obligations of the staff during their meeting with the patient. It also defines all issues relative to working hours, the kind and the amount of the legal remuneration of the staff and their responsibilities while performing their duties.

The Hospital has an institutional character as well, apart from its public character, through which it tries to excel by securing a more modern approach to the management of living and material resources and the quality of the services offered.

Our clinic is operationally subject to the Regional Health Directorate of Thessaloniki and, therefore, to the ministry of health and its services. It is managed accordingly by the Director, the Nurse Head of Directorate and the Administrative Secretary of the clinic. It is fully under the control, without exceptions, terms and special restrictions, of the administrative services of the Papageorgiou Hospital and it is separated by the traditional type public clinics, whether they belong to the N.H.S. or they are university clinics jointly subject to the ministries of education and health.


Reach us and become our patient


Patients requiring our services can contact one of our doctors in various ways.

  1. In case of simple health problems that have been troubling you for some time, you can make an appointment in our specialized out-patient clinics by calling the telephone numbers 2313 323231 and 2313 323229.  These appointments may, due to the large number of patients, be in up to 2 to 12 weeks.  This is completely acceptable for mild chronic cases or for any preventive activity. In these appointments, either a regular outpatient examination/ monitoring/ therapy is scheduled or an in-patienthospitalization/ surgery, if deemed necessary.
  2. In cases where a tumor is suspected, there is a serious health threat or constant pain, a long-term wait is, of course, unacceptable. So, you may visit, with a simple referral or accompanied by the referring physician, the clinical meetings of the First Surgical Clinic in the clinic's meeting room on the fifth floor every day at 14.00, after announcement and scheduling with the secretary of the clinic Ms Giota Emmanouilidou, tel. 2310 693587. 
  3. For emergencies, our contact with the patient starts during an on-call duty at the emergencies area, on the days our clinic is on duty. This meeting might result in immediate admission and care or scheduling after a first evaluation for a quick polyclinic treatment
  4. Doctors N. Lamprou, Ch. Makridis and Ch. Papavasileiou have also private afternoon practices. In these practices you can usually book a short appointment by calling at 2313 323333, but there is a significant charge.
  5. Patients that have been hospitalized in our clinic are monitored at regular intervals at our out-patient clinics.


During the first meeting in the clinics and when it is decided that there are signs for a surgical operation, the patient, depending on the type of disease, its graveness and level of emergency, is classified in one out of the following three categories:

  1. Double Priority, DP. This category has to do with tumors and conditions with severe symptoms, such as constant pain, fever, suffocation, inability to eat.  The patient is scheduled to undergo surgery in 7 to 14 days maximum after all the necessary protection and preparation measures have been taken.
  2. Simple Priority, SP. This category has to do with constant annoying symptoms that impede normal life and work. The patient is scheduled to undergo surgery in 4 to 8 weeks maximum.
  3. Finally No Priority, NP. Cases of diseases with mild symptoms or no symptoms, that do not risk a patient's life or health such as simple hernias, cholelithiasis, varicosities, hemorrhoids, fibroadenomas, simple bronchochile, etc. The patient is schduled to undergo surgery in 3 to 6 months maximum.
  4. Emergency situations are, of course, a special group and are operated on immediately, within hours or in 1-2 days maximum, depending on the condition.

The scheduled time of operation is something that concerns the operation of the entire clinic and not just yourself or the team performing the operation. For this reason, your are placed on the surgery list by the secretary of the department, based on the aforementioned classification and the clinic's rules of operation. Ms Katerina Kitsiou informs you about the date of the surgery and possible changes. You may contact her for any information and complaints. You must also inform her if there are reasons to postpone, cancel or expedite your surgery. She is available on 323587 for this reason daily, from 14.15 to 14.45.


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