Duties & Rights of residents

Duties-rights of residents



  1. Proper appearance
  2. Kindness, understanding and compassion towards patients and their attendants
  3. Ethically impeccable behavior towards their coworkers, the paramedical and auxiliary staff
  4. Arrival time: no later than 08:00
  5. Departure time: not earlier than 16:00
  6. During the morning hours and more specifically from 08:30 until 09:00 residents will perform rounds and settle any pending issues (clinical examination of patients, changes of surgical traumas, EKG, laboratory results, completion of medical history and patient files)
  7. In the afternoon, before the end of their shift, residents will update hospitalization files, settle any pending issues that may have arisen during the morning hours and inform the on-call doctor for any patients who may require special care
  8. On OR days, the residents of the Gynecology Department, and especially the ones who will participate in the ORs should arrive earlier than 08:00 in order to visit their patients shortly, participate in the gathering of members of the Clinic and then, go to the OR on time.
  9. All residents of the Gynecology Department/OR should make every effort to ensure that all results of laboratory and paramedical examinations of patients scheduled to be operated the following day, are ready ahead of time
  10. All patients who will undergo a surgery will be fully informed by the resident responsible for their room about the surgery that will be conducted and will sign a relevant consent form stating that they are fully informed, they have understood everything and agree to have the surgery
  11. All residents, regardless of the department of the Clinic they work at, need to know, albeit in general terms the diagnosis and course of all patients of the Clinic
  12. On the day following a general on-call day, residents will have to arrive earlier than 08:00 in order to have enough time to settle newly admitted patients before the rounds by their supervisor
  13. Residents of Obstetrics will contact the preterm newborn department on a daily basis, before their supervisor performs rounds to the Obstetrics Department, and will be informed about the course of newborns
  14. All residents have to personally examine all patients of their room (-s) and record their findings on the hospitalization sheet
  15. Discharge papers of patients should be accompanied by a complete and detailed information note prepared by the resident responsible for the room. The resident is also required to inform patients and give them instructions about the course of their health once they return home, any medications they might need and whether they need to return to the hospital for a re-examination
  16. The on-call resident, regardless of the department they are assigned to, once their on-call duty starts they need to take the test results of all patients, check them and then place them in the respective files; if they cannot find certain test results, they should try to locate them by asking their coworkers and by checking the records of the microbiology laboratory
  17. The on-call resident, on days when the hospital is not on general on-call duty, should visit all rooms of all departments as well as the delivery room and then update the next on-call resident
  18. On Weekends, days-off and on holidays each resident should visit the patients of their department in the morning and then should share information with the internal on-call resident or with the registrar
  19. All residents are obliged to fill in their personal training log book under the supervision of the training supervisor
  20. All residents are obliged to take full knowledge and to be fully trained in all departments and subdepartments, laboratories and special practices of the Clinic.
  21. After their third year of training, residents can express their preference towards a certain sub-specialization of Obstetrics-Gynecology; this preference will be taken into consideration if possible by their training supervisor for the further determination of the educational activity of the resident
  22. Training supervisors are not allowed to make any discriminations between residents with regard to their training during their residency in the Clinic
  23. Residents should be treated with respect by their colleagues
  24. Each resident has their personal training supervisor, who will advise the resident and determine the course of their training
  25. All residents are entitled to paid time off in order to perform research activities or to attend seminars, workshops, conferences etc. under the supervision of their training supervisor. The amount of time off they are entitled to depends on the inclination of the resident towards scientific research and is determined by the director of the Clinic in cooperation with the training supervisor of the resident and the person responsible for the postgraduate program studies of the Clinic
  26. All employees should do their best to ensure that the Clinic operates properly and efficiently- although this may benefit patients first and foremost, it also benefits doctors themselves
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