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  1. Varlamis.
      • Vice President of Greek Paediatric Society
      • President of a tree-member Committee for the specialty of Pediatrics 
      • Editorial Manager (section editor): Cardiology, journal "Pediatrics"
      • Member of the Editorial Board of Journals: Pediatric Northern Greece and New Pediatric Annals 
  2. G.Konstantopoulos Member of Parliament of New Democracy - Minister for Health, Welfare and Social Solidarity 
  3. Α. Euaggeliou
      • Head to Greece for the genetic control of CNS infections 
      • Official Judge of Magazine:: Neuropediatrics
  4. Α. Galli
      • Board Member Greek Society for Research and Treatment of papilloma virus
      • Member of the Education Committee, School of Medicine, AUTH
  5. Μ. Fotoulaki
      • Board Member Paediatric Society of Northern Greece
      • Member of the Editorial Board of the journal "Pediatrics Northern Greece"
  6. Κ. Papadopoulou
      • Award for excellent good character and performance at Papageorgiou Hospital
  7. P. Panagopoulou, Kalamitsou S. Prizes for social contribution
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