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The first clinic opened in the hospital 


The first department that operated in the Hospital


The Outpatient practices of the Department commenced their operations on the same day as the Papageorgiou General Hospital, i.e. on 16/8/1999. The Department was launched on 22/11/1999 and was the first department to admit and treat patients in the hospital. It should be noted that within one month from the commencement of its operations, on 1/1/2000, it started participating in the on-call duty program of pathology departments of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

Despite the limited number of special pathologists employed in the Department, they are capable of copying with the same challenges involved in the clinical and educational work as more populous pathology departments, university clinics or clinics of the National Health System.


Medical Personnel


The medical personnel of the department consists of:

  1. Tzatzagou Glykeria Senior Pathologist, Deputy Coordinating Director with a specialization in chemotherapy of concrete tumors and diabetes mellitus.
  2. Kalampakas Athanasios, Senior Gastroenterologist
  3. Gavra Maria, Senior Pathologist, specializes in hypertension
  4. Karatzidou Kyparissia, Senior Pathologist, specializes in diabetes mellitus
  5. Gkagkalis Asterios, Senior Registrar, Gastroenterologist
  6. Karakozoglou Anastasios, Senior Registrar, Pathologist, specializes in diabetes mellitus
  7. Vlachakis Dimitrios, Registrar, Pathologist
  8. Voumvouraki Argyro, Registrar, Gastroenterologist

10 doctors are currently doing their residency in the department.
The nursing personnel consists of nurses with Head Nurse V. Giortsiou and Deputy Head Nurse Sofia Panagilidou.
Secretary of the department is Alexandra Moutsiouna.


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