Day Care Center

Day Care Center


The model Day Care Center "PAPAGEORGIOU" is a project that is completely in line with the strict institutional framework and the European safety standards that set forth the requirements and technical specifications for day care centers.

The sun-drenched and airy building that is located at the south side of the lot of the Hospital, with a total surface of 400 square meters, is well adapted to the terrain and sited for convenience purposes near the central parking area. It contains a wide landscaped area, which is partially in the shade, while the two playgrounds with a variety of toys that are located at two (2) different levels complete the carefully designed exterior of the school.

The building was founded by the then Minister of Health and Social Solidarity Nikita Kaklamani, on 10th September 2004, under the supervision of the architect-engineer, who was at the time the president of the Foundation and is now the president of the Papageorgiou Hospital, Vasilis Papas. The works for the Day Care Center were completed precisely one year later.

The cost of the construction and equipment of the Day Care Center was completely covered by the Papageorgiou Foundation, as this project is the fulfillment of the promise made by the foundation fathers of the Hospital, Nikos and Leonidas Papageorgiou, to the employees, i.e. to provide them with child care facilities, while they are at work.

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